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The Story

Family Affair is a short, queer comedy about secrets, friendships, and of course, family! Tanner is a high school senior who seems to have everything going for him. He’s smart, athletic, and popular -- but there’s something (or rather someone) he has to hide from his mother.

So What?

You can be sincere without being serious. Ultimately, Family Affair is a heartwarming story about family and the secrets we keep. Plus, diversity was not only integral to the story itself but also the storytelling process. The majority of our cast and crew was queer, women, and BIPOC creatives. Queer representation is not only about being present in the stories we see but also about normalizing and destigmatizing queer identities across the board -- it's about building a radically-inclusive, more loving world! 


The Cast

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The Crew

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Hall of Fame

We could not have made this film without the generosity of our community. Thank you to everyone who joined our family and helped make magic happen! 

Triple A

Benjamin Adams

Brandon & Ali

Jim Arnoff

Tali De Assis

Jared Auclair

Katrin Aul


Judith Baicich

Marvin Barron

Callie Beaulieu

Adam Beauparlant

Ben Bocko

Ghost Bros 42069

Molly Brown

Noah Brown

Susan Brown

Jacob Burdette

Tyler Chipman

Patrons Circle

John d


Matt Deem

Amy DePaola

Garrett Dintaman

Jennifer Doherty

Luca Domeniconi

Dan Domingues


Major Dorfman

East Elliott

Tennesha Ellis


Adam Enright

Joyce Enright

Joe Ferreira

Dan Fortune

Sarah F Fusco

Kristen Geary

Lisa Geloso

Vanni Godfrey

Hande Guven

Kate Hall

Kathy-Ann Hart

Jonathan Heutmaker

Patricia Hicks

Sterling Higgins

Sandy Hines

Kristin Higson-Hughes

Vincent Isler

Megan Adamson-Jackes


Rebecca Kolas

Anna L.

Will Suejin Yang Lee

Marjorie Lizzack

Mark Lynch

Judi MacKenzie

Max MacKenzie

Teslin MacLaren

Peter Maranzano

Jacob McKee

Danielle A Morales


Lara Newman

Clara Nowlan

Iliana O

Layla O'Shea

Jennifer Paganini

Luke De La Parra


Jamison Pezdek

Harry Queeney

Sisa Quispe

Dorothy Raczkowski

Tia Raskin

Joanne Gaeta Rice

Erica Ruhe


Benjamin Taylor

Grant Terzakis

Zachary Togami

Tommy Vachon

Malaika Woluchem

Howard Woolf

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